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Before proceeding to the registration form, please read our registration Terms & Conditions

Consent to Play I consent to my child participating in the sport of rugby union, and in particular as a member of Muscat RFC Juniors (“Muscat Pirates”).
Injuries I am aware that rugby is a game of physical contact and motion that may result in serious personal injury to its participants.
Insurance Cover I am aware that MRFC does not maintain or provide medical insurance and that I am entirely and solely responsible for any medical treatment that my child may require, and I confirm that I have adequate medical insurance valid for Oman in place.
Medical Treatment I consent that if my child requires medical assistance in the case of an emergency, and in the event that it is impossible to communicate with me, a MRFC volunteer/Team Mum/First Aider will use their best judgement to independently seek out medical treatment for my child. Should such be necessary, they will transport my child to one of the following hospitals (Khoula, Muscat Private and /or the Royal Hospital). I understand and agree that the cost of any medical consultation or treatment incurred is my sole responsibility.
Volunteers I acknowledge and accept that all the people who coach, help and organise MPJR are volunteers who contribute their time freely to further the development and enjoyment of those participating in the sport of rugby. I acknowledge that coaches may not be qualified or experienced and I understand that MRFC aims for each age grade head coach to have attended the IRB Level 1 coaching course, and for all assistant coaches to follow the MRFC Juniors coaching guidelines.
Waiver of liability I confirm that I will not hold MRFC Juniors coaches, helpers or organisers, other playing children or their parents, Muscat RFC or any of its affiliated organisations, volunteers or sponsors, liable in any way for any injury or any other losses which may arise as a result of my child participating as a member of MRFC and I hereby waive any claim that I may have now or in future against any of the above persons.
Gumshield I will ensure that my child (if 8 years old or above) wears a gumshield in each training session and match.
Adult present If my child is in U10 or below I acknowledge that a family member or representative (known to my child) must remain at the pitch during training, and I confirm that I will abide by the Parent/Spectator’s Code of Conduct and will encourage my child to abide by the Player’s Code of Conduct.
Mailing Lists I consent to MRFC providing my personal email and telephone number to other individuals and third parties to organise MRFC training, matches & tours, arranging events and obtaining sponsorship.
Photos I consent to MRFC, whether through its volunteer organisers, designated photographers, other members of MRFC or other players’ parents to take and freely to use all photographs taken at tournaments, training or other events, of my child/children, myself, my family or other personal images, for publicity purposes (eg publication in local media, on posters etc) and for display on the MRFC website, Muscat Pirates facebook page.

Registration Forms

Under 5 : Born between 1 Sep 2013 and 31 Aug 2014

Under 6 : Born between 1 Sep 2012 and 31 Aug 2013

Under 7 : Born between 1 Sep 2011 and 31 Aug 2012

Under 8 : Born between 1 Sep 2010 and 31 Aug 2011

Under 9 : Born between: 1 Sep 2009 and 31 Aug 2010

Under 10 : Born between 1 Sep 2008 and 31 Aug 2009

Under 11 : Born between 1 Sep 2007 and 31 Aug 2008

Under 12 : Born between 1 Sep 2006 and 31 Aug 2007

Under 13 : Born between 1 Sep 2005 and 31 Aug 2006

Under 14 : Born between 1 Sep 2004 and 31 Aug 2005

Under 15 / Colts : Born between 1 Sep 2001 and 31 Aug 2004

Under 15 : Girls Touch Rugby